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    Player's Club Bylaws


Keney Park Player’s Club


The Keney Park Player’s Club (the “Club”) is established to promote the game of golf and golf-related activities while encouraging fellowship, sportsmanship and social connection among its members. The Club is not organized for profit.


A. To provide a variety of competitive tournaments for the members of the Club.

B. To make all tournaments as fair and competitive as possible for all Club members.

C. To foster loyalty to and respect for Keney Park Golf Course, its staff, and facilities.



1) Membership shall be available to all persons eighteen (18) years of age or older.

2) Types of Membership – 1) Full 2) Honorary

Full Members in good standing have paid the applicable annual membership dues for the golfing season. A Full Member can:

a. Participate in all tournaments and all social events.

b. Vote on any issues brought before them by the Executive Board.

c. Hold any elected office

d. Be appointed as a committee chairman or participate on any committee.

Honorary Members are persons who shall be designated as such for meritorious contributions to the Club or its objectives. Honorary membership shall be conferred by the majority vote of the Executive Board. An honorary membership may be assigned for life. Honorary Member are not eligible to hold an elected office.

3) Admission to Membership. To become an active Full Member the total annual dues

payment must be paid in full. The payment must be submitted with an application for membership, preferably no later than April 30 of each year. All membership applications are subject to approval based on the number of vacancies available for Club membership.

4) Memberships are for a single golfing season only.

5) The Executive Board will determine the maximum number of memberships available in the Club.


1) Elected Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. 

2) The terms of office shall be for one year.

3) Elections for officers shall take place at the end-of-season annual meeting of the members. The nominating committee shall present the slate of officers at the annual meeting. This slate will be posted thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. Nominations can also be taken from the floor during the meeting.

4) Officers and other appointed committee chairs, elected or appointed at the annual meeting, shall take office immediately and serve until the annual meeting of the following year.

5) Officers and chairs can be re­elected or re­appointed on a continuing basis.


1) The Executive Board shall consist of (i) the Elected Officers, (ii) the appointed chairpersons of the following committees (if such committee chairperson has been appointed by the President): the Membership Committee, the Handicap Committee, the Tournament Committee, and the By­Laws Committee, and (iii) two (2) Members­At­Large appointed by the President.

2) The newly elected President will appoint all committee chairs.

3) The Executive Board will be responsible for the following:

a. Establishing all membership dues and tournament fees.

b. Approving all expenditures.
c. Directing all club activities.

d. Administering the Men’s Club including the enforcement of all By­Laws, rules, and regulations set forth by the club and resolution of any problems that arise.

e. Approving yearly tournament schedules and all related tournament rules.

f. Appointing a nominating committee for all elections.


1) The club may have four standing committees, at the discretion of the President, to assist the President in the organization and operation of the Club. These committees shall be:

a. Membership Committee

b. Handicap Committee

c. Tournament Committee

d. By­Laws Committee

2) The President will appoint a chairman for each committee deemed necessary by the President. An Elected Officer may also serve as a committee chairman. Each committee chairman may appoint as many club members as needed to assist him in carrying out the committee responsibilities.


1) The President shall call meetings of the Executive Board as necessary and required for operation of the Club.

2) A quorum of 2/3 of the Executive Board shall be necessary for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Executive Board.

3) The annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the Closing Day tournament or near the end of the season on a date, as determined by the Executive Board.


A. A member must sign up for the given tournament prior to starting his round.

B. All scorecards submitted for a tournament must be signed by the member submitting the scorecard and attested by a different member that played in the same group as the member signing the card.

C. When a member registers for tournaments with additional fees, they are liable for all costs regardless if they participate or not.

D. To participate in the Club Championship (Senior and Regular) members must have fully paid dues and have participated in at least five (3) tournaments prior to the Club Championship.

E. To participate in the Shepherd’s Cup tournament members must have fully paid dues and participated in at least three (3) tournaments prior to the Shepherd’s Cup. 

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